European Community projects:

FENet was a Thematic Network, funded by the European Commission for four years from August 2001. The network sought to coordinate activities within Europe aimed at improving both the quality of industrial applications of finite element technology and the level of confidence that can be placed in the computed results. Coordinated by NAFEMS.

AUTOSIM was a Coordination Action project which received funding from the EC for three years, starting in September 2005. Coordinated by NAFEMS , the project consortium contained 32 companies from across Europe each of whom had a significant interest in the use of simulation within the automotive industry. They include OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, consultants, researchers and software developers.

Other projects:

International Council of Scientific Development
/ International Academy of Science

The International Academy of Science (IAS) as central body of the International Council of Scientific Development is an independend organisation of distinguished academicians engaged in scientific research, dedicated to the furtherance of science and humanity for global sustainability and universal humanity. It is the central and active ICSD-body which coordinates activities of the sections of IAS as well as of the boards (committees, institutions and honorary senate (members)). The International Council of Scientific Development (ICSD), with universities (around the world) and member institutions was founded 1980 with its central body the International Academy of Science (founded 1982) by distinguished academicans and scholars with the aim of developing new scientific approaches which could lead to effective problem solving in the 21. century. Werbos takes a leading role in coordination of informatics and health issues.

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